Class: The heart of all college campuses… right? Okay maybe not, but you do have to show up every once in a while. So why does class style have to be so dreadful? Rolling out of bed and heading to class is a lifestyle we’ve all come to know and love throughout our college experience, but sometimes putting that extra ten minutes into your outfit could be the difference between a lazy day and a productive day. I know that when I get up and actually put a decent outfit on that there is a lot better chance that I am going to be somewhat happy with the things I accomplished that day. Maybe it’s just me, but being productive in pajamas has just never happened in my two years of college experience. Put me in the right outfit and my to do list shrinks throughout the day.

Okay, so let’s ease you into this. It is possible to create a comfortable and cute ensemble for class. Emphasis on the comfortable. I know it seems impossible, but this Fashionista is the epitome of comfy, casual and cute. Her oversized, baby pink sweater is absolutely adorable and I wanted to steel in right off her body. Not only that, it looked comfortable enough to sleep in! It’s a staple piece that we would all love hanging in our closets. That layered over leggings and paired with riding boots created a put-together look that is perfect for a long day of classes. Emphasis on put-together. This is a student that a professor would take seriously in a class filled with bums in pajamas. You can also tell this girl is a true Fashionista by her super fun rings and lacy bralette. Just adding a few effortless accessories shows the mark of true style and takes this Fashionista to the next level of panache.

One Simple Change: This staple sweater could be translated into a multitude of other occasions very easily. For example, layer it over a dress and pair it with booties and you’re ready for date night.