With spring semester in full swing, students are starting to feel comfortable in their classes and are accumulating more and more homework with each passing lecture. When this happens, it’s easy to stop caring about how you dress for class. For many, the main goal in the morning is to be on time and comfortable in a desk. It is definitely possible to achieve both of these goals while still being fashionable. This Fashionista is a perfect example. Her outfit is cute, in style and relaxed enough to make sitting in a lecture hall for a couple of hours a pain free task.

She started out with black leggings, which are a go-to comfy outfit staple. Her soft, oversized sweater keeps her warm and covered. I especially like her sweater because of the slits on the sides. As oversized sweaters increase in popularity, more designers are adding in these slits to make them forgiving around the hips. She finished off her outfit with brown combat boots, a silver pendant necklace and a camel-colored jacket that is the perfect mix of cozy and stylish.

One styling trick you can steal from this Fashionista is her ability to mix neutral colors. If you’re worried about having enough time to get ready in the morning and still look nice, buy neutral pieces. Colors like black, gray and brown look great together and having a variety of them in your closet will always make for an easy, matching outfit!

One Simple Change: Going straight to your internship after class? Switch out the leggings for a pair of equally comfortable black jeggings. If the weather permits, you can add a pair of pointed toe black flats to keep your look classy for the office.