Happy Tuesday, Fashionistas/os! Classes are in full swing again and syllabi are not referred to at this point. With potential early classes, we sometimes forget that how we dress can really affect how we end up utilizing our days. Of course, with the unannounced weather, we can take advantage of the cool and casual look. Let’s not forget to mention how easy and effortless it could be when preparing for class. Getting dressed should be the least of your worries!

This Fashionisto represents a great look that is perfect for attending class. He is sporting a denim jacket to go along with his minimalist look of black polka-dotted pants and white button down shirt. His example of revealing the Hard Rock logo from the back of his jacket to me just goes to show that you can add a touch of eye-catching personalization while attending class. Denim paired with any black and white outfit works for any occasion, as any Fashionista/o can attest!

The print from his pants really makes his outfit unique, as well as his shoes, which encompass the black and white theme presented. Printed bottoms are increasingly popular and are on the rise. It may just be the staple of an outfit for your classes.

One Simple Change: After class is over, you may consider heading over to the library to study. You can add a matte black scarf or simply add on a heavier coat to take the look to the next level. Not only does it accessorize your outfit, but it can make the trek to the library a bit more bearable.