With a new semester and new classes forcing you to spend your mornings trudging to class rather than spending quality time with your bed, it’s easy to want to pile on your coziest layers and sweats. While this strategy may provide all kinds of comfort, you’re often left looking like you just rolled out of bed. (Let’s be honest—maybe you totally did). Opting for more styled layers can instantly clean up your look and help you to look put together for class. This Fashionisto effortlessly combines casual and cool, perfect for confidently taking your seat in the front row rather than ducking into the back of your crowded lecture hall.

This effortless look is pulled together by a plaid flannel button-down layered underneath a comfortable crewneck sweatshirt. This unique layering looks purposeful and stylish, totally opposite from the “I just rolled out of bed” college student. A plaid patterned collar is eye-catching and perfectly complements a more casual ensemble.

Combined with a pair of perfectly fitted jeans cuffed at the ankles, the denim material allows the look to remain easygoing and relaxed. The cuff at the ankles also adds another subtle touch of purposeful yet casual styling. This Fashionisto completed the look with a black knit beanie and traditional black and white Vans.

One Simple Change: This layered look easily allows a transformation from day to night. To get ready for a night out or a casual dinner date, ditch the crewneck and let the button-down do all the talking.