The hardest part of my day is that melancholy moment when you have to leave your bed, change out of your pajamas, find your homework you stayed up until 3 a.m. to do, and rush to class walking 10 mph in snowy Rochester. But their is something that can make this routine a little less dreadful. And that is looking your best! Planning an outfit the night before can make your routine a lot easier and you won’t have to succumb to last minute sweatpants as your only option when rushing in the morning. Because let’s be frank here, when it’s cold outside, motivation to look put together is hard to find. But this Fashionista serves as an inspiration She is strutting a classic warm and cute “class” look. She can easily walk to class in her furry boots, stay warm in her legging tights, but still look chic with her cotton pencil skirt, structured puffer jacket, sunglasses and her cool denim backpack. The key is also being smart with accessorizing for the journey to class. It’s finding the perfect balance of staying warm, looking stylish and moving quickly. The real struggle is trying to be comfortable and look presentable out in public.

This Fashionista proves that it is possible. Her look says “I’m an A student in academics and in fashion.” There are a lot of things I like about this look. First off her color coordination is on par. Although there are three different colors in her outfit, they all coordinate and her scarf and shoes pull the look together. I also like the choice of pairing a puffer jacket with tight leggings and a pencil skirt. It’s important to always keep in mind the structure of your outfit so your look won’t come off as too sloppy and baggy.

One Simple Change: Heading to the library all day (and maybe all night)? Try swapping the pencil skirt for some skinny black yoga pants. Your look will gain extra comfiness and sleekness by an all black outfit.