In the harsh winters of Oneonta, bundling up is a mode of survival. Leaving your coat in your car so you don’t have to be hassled with it in class is definitely not an option for students. Just walking from class to class one building over requires some serious layering.

As students attempt to stay warm in Oneonta’s sometimes negative 10-degree weather, there are a few key wardrobe elements that can help. The first and probably most important element is the parka. Like this Fashionista, more students are beginning to adapt parkas into their winter wardrobe. These jackets have an added length that helps cover and keep warm more of your body. Parkas also have great hoods which are essential in blocking the wind from your face.

This Fashionista added a pair of chic knee-high boots to her ensemble. High boots can help add layer to your calves. A large tote is another key to surviving the cold. Make sure you have a big enough bag to carry all your books. In the dead of winter no student can sacrifice having to take a hand out of their pocket to carry a notebook.

This Fashionista captures the classic, yet adorable style many will be trending this semester. Being fashionable sometimes takes the back burner in the cold weather. However, with this look this Fashionista found a way to stay fashionable yet warm at the same time.

One Simple Change: Translate this perfect class outfit to a night look. Simply replace the leggings with a pair of skinny jeans and switch to a pair of knee-high heeled boots. You’ll be sure to rock the nightlife and stay warm while doing it.