Happy spring, Fashionistas/os! Spring semester is upon us, and I can’t wait for warmer and longer days. However, before we get there we have a few more weeks of this winter weather to play with. Coming off of three weeks of vacation, whether spent at home, on the slopes or in the sun and sand, the first few weeks of spring semester are often the hardest time to find the motivation to style yourself for class. Sometimes when I wake up on those cold, gray mornings, I want nothing more than to crawl into some sweats and call it a day.

This Fashionista, however, shows us that you don’t have to sacrifice looking great to feel comfortable. Slipping on a pair of insulated leggings is as easy as pulling on sweatpants, and gives you a much better canvas to build an outfit on. In lieu of a hoodie, this Fashionista opts for a fitted sweater with a mock turtleneck, to keep her outfit structured, instead of slouchy, while maintaining warmth and comfort. The flannel that she ties around her waist is a perfect addition, doubling as an accessory that adds a pop of color to her winter palette and an extra layer in an unusually cold classroom.

Our Fashionista’s accessories highlight her fashionable, but functional, style. Her lightweight, canvas backpack is large enough for her books, laptop, water bottle and a snack while the front pocket can hold anything that she would otherwise throw in a purse. The brown trim adds the feel of leather detailing without the added weight. She finishes her look off with a pair of chunky heeled ankle boots. The rubber-soled construction is tough enough for the winter weather, and the heels are practical enough that she can move quickly in them, just in case the pre-class Starbucks line is a little too long.

This Fashionista’s spot-on outfit reminds us that cold weather is no reason to give up on being stylish, but rather an excuse to get creative.

One Simple Change: The first week back at school is always full of spontaneous meals and trips with friends. Swap out this Fashionista’s sweater and backpack for a crop top and cross-body bag to be instantly ready for dinner and drinks with your squad.