Early morning classes can be a drag, especially when freezing temperatures and snow covered campuses make a warm bed so much more appealing. Often, when preparing to brave the cold for a long day of classes, the temptation to layer in the most comfortable loungewear in your closet is overwhelming. Even with the best intentions, super casual outfits can easily look last minute and messy. This Fashionisto, however, proves that this is not always the case.

This Fashionisto has mastered the laid back look that is perfect for early mornings filled with long lectures. He’s taken the traditional hoodie to the next level, showing that casual can be stylish and intentional. His corduroy hoodie has a unique texture and button detail, which makes it eye-catching and interesting. Additionally, its bright red color gives the outfit some life and is a subtle way to show some school spirit.

Layers are crucial to survive the winter months, so for an additional layer of warmth, this Fashionisto added a quilted vest. To complete the look, he paired dark denim with distressed leather boots that are both on-trend and practical for long walks across campus. By cuffing his jeans, this Fashionisto effortlessly added an additional detail to the outfit that draws the eye down to cool retro laces.

One Simple Change: To make this look more polished while maintaining the casual vibe, swap the hoodie for a simple button-down. The result will be a look that is still perfect for class but can also transition from day to night.