It’s the first week back to school from winter break and the only way to make the idea of going to class bearable once again is with a RAD outfit! Every Fashionista/o wants to show off their newest holiday gifts and shopping purchases, and there is no better place than walking around campus on the way to class.

I spotted this fashionable lady, on the back streets of South Oakland; she was on her way to class in the Cathedral, Pitt’s most eye-catching and Instagram worthy building on campus. A beautiful building deserves an equally beautiful outfit, and this Fashionista nailed it.

Her outfit is perfect for the cold temperatures Pittsburgh is experiencing. The knee socks are super cute and are sure to keep you warm on your long walks to class. In order to show off her new tan vest, this Fashionista kept it simple with a white shirt from the Loft underneath and some classic dark blue jeans. She tied the whole look together with a few gold Alex and Ani bracelets and a super chic elephant bracelet.

While the outside temperatures are a bit chilly, inside the classroom the temperatures can be a bit warm with so many students in one room. However, this outfit works for both occasions, just slip off the vest and wear the cute long-sleeved white tee during lecture. This back to school look is so chic and versatile it’s perfect for any wintry campus!

One Simple Change: What happens when you have class all day and then a date at night? Easy, just swap the jeans for a pair of black pants to make the outfit more chic!