I know I’m not the only one who would rather stay in bed instead of walking through the bitter cold to a class you might find interesting if you weren’t frozen. When you’re already going through the trouble just making it to class why not show up looking put together? You never know who you’ll meet or what opportunities could pass you by. So take off your sweatpants and Kilroy’s tank and take some notes on this Fashionista’s easy chic look to make it through these next weeks of winter classes.

Every Fashionista needs to own at least one sturdy black coat that they can throw on over anything to look and feel great. It’s so necessary to invest in a black trench or peacoat because you’re able to wear a warm sweater underneath or keep it simple like this Fashionista with a soft cotton T-shirt. This bright blonde chose to wear dark blue jeans (yes they still exist) to keep her long legs warm, but the jeans also create a change in texture from the long wool coat. Her cute black booties have a masculine and worn look to them, so the addition of lace covered sides elevates her whole look. This Fashionista kept it simple with a fresh face and clean tousled hair. The delicate diamond earrings she wore really sparkled in the sun just like her beautiful eyes.

Stand out in a lecture hall or discussion class by choosing to wear a simple, not basic outfit that will keep you warm and motivated throughout the whole day. This is something you can wear to class or the library and people will know you didn’t just get out of bed and go. You don’t need to wear dresses and have your hair done to look good in class; stick to this Fashionista’s look and you will shine.

One Simple Change: Reward yourself for all that hard studying with a night at Oliver Winery or The Tap. You don’t need to do a whole outfit change! Just put on a bold lipstick, switch your T-shirt for a sweet peplum top and elongate your legs with some heeled booties.