The first week back to school means brand new shiny outfits and gleaming faces that are ready to learn. Everyone is strutting his or her stuff, using the sidewalk as their personal catwalk. However, by the third week of classes, reality begins to set in, exams start piling up and students bring out those sweatpants and dazed looks in their eyes. Campus looks a lot less like a fashion show.

This Fashionista’s laid back look is perfect and easy for any point in the semester. As a first impression, this ensemble gives your classmates a reason to think you are down for an all-nighter in the library and a spur of the moment night out. Her casual, distressed jeans and loose fitting top make sitting through class comfy but still giving her a reason to strut her stuff. It’s a fact that the classic dark T-shirt never goes out of style and when dressed up with some rad and totally unique accessories, it’s given a spark of something new and unexpected.

For this Fashionista, the focus is all in her accessories. Her bangles add a little glitz and glamour to a seemingly timeless look. Mixing up the textures of her bracelets from solid gold to snakeskin make taking notes look like an ad out of a magazine. Her black leather booties are comfortable enough for making that trek across campus while looking like a downright superstar. A large satchel is ideal for carrying books, makeup and countless electronics; this Fashionista’s black leather bag will match perfectly with any outfit of the week.

Keep this semester stylish by putting a spin on the classics and when in doubt, stay simple. From class to a concert, this is the right look for your first impression this spring semester.

One Simple Change: Once you’re all finished with those first few classes, swap your top with a dressier blouse or your favorite off the shoulder sweater and have yourself a celebratory dinner with friends!