With a new semester among us, why not shake up your everyday class look with a cute, yet comfortable outfit? A new semester means a fresh start, so why not use the new and positive energy to create an easy look for yourself and start the year off with a bang. Thinking about what to wear to class doesn’t always have to be a tedious and time consuming activity. Sometimes simple (not to mention comfortable) is the way to go!

Although an oversized sweatshirt and some yoga pants may sound amazing, as soon as that alarm goes off for your morning class, why not switch things up? This featured Fashionista chose to play it casual yet chic for her class with multiple popular fashionable items. She chose a loosely fitted white long sleeve, some dark denim ripped jeans, a layered necklacestrappy bralette and she finished off the look with some chestnut booties. This look is trending on every college campus and is increasingly gaining popularity and attention. It is effortless and comfortable, which makes for a simple, yet great outfit. You can also add a deep green army jacket, like this Fashionista, to top off the look while staying warm. This look is easy to match or change, with many ways to swap in some other accessories or different shoes of your choice.

This look is edgy and has some grunge to it, but it is also casual enough for a day in the classroom. Not only will you feel good and RAD in this outfit, but you will kill it in school this semester! Dress well, test well, right?

One Simple Change: Want to take this look to a more formal setting, like a family brunch? Maybe swap the ripped denim for some sleek skinny jeans, picking any color to contrast your shoes. Also, maybe going with a classy blouse instead of a loosely fitted long sleeve could put the cherry on top of your already stylish outfit. And just like that, you’re ready for brunch!