The new year presents to us many things: a new semester, a fresh disposition, and of course winter weather. Gone are the days of going to class in a skirt and tank top. This is the time of year where we want comfort at all costs but yearn to be presentable at the same time. And this is definitely possible.

This Fashionista is visibly quite comfortable while also showing good wardrobe choices. She kept things very simple, but did so effectively. First of all, by choosing to wear jeans instead of leggings or sweatpants that day, her outfit has already taken a huge leap. She keeps it comfy by pairing a simple black long-sleeve shirt with a sleeveless cardigan. The layering shows style-consciousness while still being cozy. The monogrammed necklace adds a nice, personal touch to the outfit. Lastly, her fringe booties add an of the moment edge to the outfit and are easy to slip on in the morning before making the walk to class.

Keeping things simple this time of year is a great thing. By wearing more comfortable clothes to class, you can be more focused and productive rather than daydreaming about going home and putting your pajamas back on. However, a good balance between comfort and style is key. Starting the new semester off with some good outfits will give you the confidence, comfort, and motivation to work hard the next few months and really put your all into school. Let your cozy and cute outfits accompany you as you tackle new classes and scratch off some New Years resolutions.