The tourism season has finally wound down in the beautiful city of Florence. With fewer tour groups and selfie sticks to dodge, getting to class on time is much easier. What to do with a little bit of extra time in the morning? Select a stellar outfit of course.

This Fashionista put together a look comprised of classics for a stylish, urban look. As temperatures dip and the forecast dictates that pants are the only viable option, it’s easy to get stuck in a fashion funk. However, having some denim in a unique color will help you spice up the predictable blue jean, black jean rotation.

The skinny jeans silhouette takes on a different aesthetic in an army green hue. She paired the denim with two structured pieces on top, creating a refreshing change of pace from the fall sweater. A chambray blouse flows nicely with a slate gray jacket; perfect for a brisk fall day in the city. The structured layers combined with the skinny jeans make for a look that’s as polished as the statues she passes on her way to class.

Finally, some playful accessories liven up the otherwise classic ensemble. The beaded necklace with a fun tassel catches your eye along with a slew of rings in cool hues. Tan Chelsea booties are a fall wardrobe staple; comfortable for a long day on your feet but also effortlessly chic. Pair them with skinnies that hit right above the ankles for a crisp aesthetic.

Take a cue from this Fashionista for a chic fall fashion formula; one pair of skinny jeans in a fun color, two structured layers on top and an armful of fun accessories. Brava!