On chilly spring mornings, while running out the door to your 8:00 a.m. midterm, all you really want to do is stay comfortable and keep your sweatpants on. Luckily, there are so many other comfortable alternatives for you on those dreadful winter mornings. You could always go for the leggings and oversized sweater look, maybe you could attempt to wiggle into those jeans or you could go with my new obsession: cinched pants. I know this is a crazy concept, but I promise that it takes the same amount of effort to throw on cinched pants as it does to throw on sweats, therefore you might as well look cute!

My motto during exam weeks is “look good feel good,” meaning if you are looking fierce, then you’re bound to get a better grade! Today I was fortunate enough to find a Fashionista that is doing just that! I caught this Fashionista leaving class in her simple, yet adorable, outfit. My favorite part of this look is her amazing pants!

Like I said, this is one of my favorite new trends. These pants make the whole outfit look more put together than simply throwing on leggings. Her adorable booties bring her whole outfit together without making her uncomfortable walking around campus. I love that her scarf warms up the outfit and makes it more playful with a pop of color.

One Simple Change: Want to quickly change from class to a night on the town? No problem! Just switch the shirt out for a cute silk tank top and pair it with a leather jacket and you’re good to go!