When you go to class, do you switch it up? Or are you part of the athleisure wear wave? In no way am I judging those who partake in the trend; I just believe spice is the variety of life. Sometimes your day can be so short that actually putting together an outfit is considered blasphemy. But what about those longer days? The days where you are on campus for a bit of time. Do you slay campus leaving a trail of whispers?  Well, I am here to give you a prime example of subtle spice.

This Fashionista puts the class in class act. Stopping this Fashionista  to snap a couple of photos was no fret. What drew me to this outfit was the statement piece around her neck. When asked where it can be found, this Fashionista informed me it was a gift.  No worries, I found that J.Crew and Forever 21 have similar pieces . This outfit was so simple yet cute. What a perfect way to grace campus with subtle beauty. Not only is she rocking a classic sneaker, but she was brave enough to grace us with colored pants. The chambray shirt seems to be the answer to every color pant this season. What better way to tie an outfit together than a statement necklace.

One Simple Change: If you’re heading straight from campus to a late lunch or dinner, try adding a taupe boot or heel. This change takes you from casual to dinner ready in a matter of seconds.