March 15th, 2016 at 2:00am

When it comes to appearances, college attire can always go one of two ways: perfectly professional or “just rolled out of bed” horrible. I think everyone can confess that they’ve participated in both of these classic college moments and can sit and laugh at the memories of being seen walking in slippers to their lecture. But, with the right eye and awareness of trends, women and men all over campus can find the right fit of both polished and comfortable and have the perfect casual-chic look. This Fashionista has perfected that in between outfit flawlessly and does it with a little fun as well! Who says being bold and taking risks doesn’t always work out?

With a mix of feminine and street style, this Fashionista not only meshes styles, but she brands as well to get this look. When it comes to her oversized sweater, it brings forth that cozy element that a typical day going to class in the winter months calls for. Her distressed skinny jeans with embellishments are creating a girly and feminine moment, while something completely opposite is happening on her feet. Her shoes are a big reason as to why I wanted to document this look. Their high-top silhouette elevates the outfit from something that could’ve been bland to an amazing and risk taking ensemble. The chain and animal print on the shoe also make a statement and give a wow factor. Bags are very important when it comes to class as well, holding all of the necessities whether they be school related or more along the lines of beauty products, power bars and cell phones. Her yellow bag not only brings a pop of color to the look but sophistication because of its sleek design, while the Hello Kitty detail brings that feeling of youth and daring attitude that every college student should contain. Lastly, her nails show that this Fashionista keeps up with her beauty routine and uses neutrals so that any outfit she puts together looks flawless and complete.

On Simple Change: If you are wanting to take this look from class to something a little more upscale like a dinner out with friends, try switching out the sneakers with black or nude booties as well as leaving the Hello Kitty detail behind to really show off the bag more.