That 7:00 a.m. alarm goes off, and you slowly peel yourself up out of your cozy bed. It’s early, chilly and those sweatpants rolled up on your closet floor are calling your name. When getting dressed for class, especially for those 8:00 a.m.’s, it can be tricky to put a lot of effort into styling a great look. Resist the urge to grab those drab sweats and opt for a casual, yet put together ensemble just like this Fashionista.

This Fashionista’s outfit is so classic, it almost hurts. Denim is always a comfortable, yet stylish, way to dress while attending your classes. She matched a black Ranbeeri denim jacket with a cute pair of black skinny jeans. To make this outfit pop, this Fashionista added a simple T-shirt with a RAD print from Clashist. Seriously, who doesn’t want their very own, personal T-shirt plastered with Ryan Gosling’s handsome face? Can we all say “jealous?” Anyway, she completed her look with a clean pair of white adidas sneakers that really made the shirt stand out even more. This outfit has the perfect blend of comfort and taste to help you kick it to class in style.

One Simple Change: You just finished up with all of your classes for the day when your best friend calls to tell you she is planning a girl’s night out tonight. Don’t stress! To revamp this outfit to make it going out worthy, swap out the jeans for a sleek pair of high-waisted leather leggings, slap on your hottest pair of booties and add a statement necklace. Depending on the weather ditch the jacket, or you can switch it to a classic black leather jacket. You are ready to go!