March 14th, 2016 at 2:10am

I am a huge proponent of getting ready and looking nice for class because it makes you feel better and more productive. Unfortunately, I am also a huge proponent of hitting the snooze button 15 times in the morning and sprinting out of my apartment to make it to class on time. So how is someone to find some middle ground? I like to start off by picking my outfit the night before and keeping my look simple with some layers to pull my look together. If you add some accessories on top of that you are sure to look like you spent hours getting ready when really it took you no more than 30 minutes!

This Fashionista really stood out to me on the way to class because her outfit included all my staples for a put together look. Her layers, printed tank top and accessories show that she cares about what she looks like for the day while still being functional for a day full of classes. Black and white is a classic outfit choice that in my opinion immediately looks more polished than your average outfit. I love her flowing striped top layered under the black leather jacket. This combination of comfort and edgy add some dynamics to her look. The addition of the black skinny jeans and black combat boots fit with the simple vibe of her style, while additionally shifting our attention to focus on the striped top of her look.

Her chunky statement necklace really completes the look with an added pop. I like how she did not choose a color for her statement jewelry but let it coincide with the black and white color scheme of her outfit. Her simple silver earrings were a nice added touch to compliment the bold statement necklace.

One Simple Change: If she wants to transition her look from a look fit for class to something perfect for brunch with the girls, she can swap the leather jacket for a nice white blazer. This switch will bring some brightness and structure into the look, which is ideal for a brunch outfit. For an even more dramatic change, she can swap out her boots for some heeled booties in a lighter color to maintain the newer brightened look.