March 10th, 2016 at 2:00am

The phrase “dress for the occasion” seems to be lost on today’s college students. Messy hair, oversized shirts and baggy sweatpants have become the go-to outfit for a lecture. Many students seem to almost roll out of bed and make their way to class. But this Fashionista does not follow that trend She likes fashion and tries to look her best whether she’s simply in the library or going out to dinner.

With the chilly weather, tights are a must. They are an inexpensive addition to absolutely any outfit and they keep you cozy while looking cute. Jeans and joggers can sometimes get boring so throw in a pair of stockings—skirts are back in the style mix!

Slip-on shoes are easy for everyday wear. Not only do they match perfectly with the Fashionista’s look, she says they are the comfiest shoes she owns! Close-toed flats are an important addition to any Fashionista’s closet since they are perfect for strolling around campus and getting to class. Once the warmer weather wanders off, sandals make their way to the back dark corner. Nude, black, suede or glossy styles will all come in handy!

Everyone owns the classic black sweater or the ever-popular gray hoodie, but reaching for an uncommon cover up may seem risky for some shoppers. This Fashionista had no fear when purchasing her snazzy zip-up and there is no doubt she definitely rocks it.

Many times, classrooms can feel like the inside of a freezer, so even if the weather is calling for simply a longer sleeve, this Fashionista always carries a jacket with her. It isn’t only a decorative piece in her overall look, it genuinely serves a purpose.

“Every day is a fashion show and the world is your runway,” said Coco Channel. Always dress your best, and always walk with confidence!

One Simple Change: When warm weather rolls around this spring, consider throwing on a cardigan instead of a thick sweater.