March 7th, 2016 at 2:00am

The hustle and bustle of busy New York schedules can leave little time for outfit preparation. As many can empathize, outfits generally need to be multipurpose to accommodate the various excursions one takes throughout the day. This Fashionista clings to the athletic-chic trend seen on the runway this fall. I like to call this “The Rise of Activewear.”

Athletic wear has become part of fashion rather than being simply for working out. The most recent buzz on this trend came from Michael Kors himself. Being interviewed after his fall 2016 collection show in New York City, he stated: “how do you be stylish? You have to know yourself, and you have to know how to break the rules.” He broke the traditional rules of day to day styles by doing spring colors for fall, sweatshirts at night, heels for day and flats at night. This idea of flats and sweatshirts being the chic new look to sport for a night out on the town has transpired into making athletic clothes another trendy choice. This Fashionista’s busy schedule, which has her going from class to babysitting to working out, requires an outfit that is ready for action. The sleek look blurs the boundaries between daytime wear and activewear, making her outfit the perfect choice for class.

This Fashionista was spotted in her pristine white Nike tennis sweatshirt paired with her Nike printed leggings; not only is she ready for her workout, but she is cozy in class and still totally on-trend. This Fashionista layered her look with a basic J.Crew vest, dressing up the outfit just slightly. She also carries her oversized vegan leather tote, which holds her schoolbooks, homework and workout necessities.

One Simple Change: Because athletic-chic is in, you can wear this outfit to class like this Fashionista or you can tweak it slightly and sport it at your next tailgate. Rock a pair of bold printed leggings with a T-shirt from your school store. No matter what weather you are facing, layering with a vest or even a varsity bomber jacket can add to your look and give you the ultimate athletic-chic appearance. Wherever your busy life takes you allow your outfit to take you there, too.


  • Scarlett Loughlin

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