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March 8th, 2016 at 2:05am

Greetings, Fashionistas! I hope everyone’s spring semester is going well. Midterm season is upon us, and I completely understand that the last thing that is on our minds when we get up in the morning is what we are going to wear. You are exhausted, sleep-deprived and the bags under your eyes just goes to show that you spent all night cramming for that midterm that you still do not think you are prepared for. I have been there and know that feeling all too well.

If you are having trouble figuring out an outfit, take notes from this Fashionista. You are in class for hours on end every day, so comfort is major key (@DJKhaled). I always recommend investing in a solid pair of skinny jeans that fit you well and hug you enough to the point where you can sleep in them. This will make getting through the day in style so much easier.

This Fashionista is rocking a versatile pair of black skinny jeans. A pair of well-fitting, black skinny jeans is essential to any wardrobe as they are so versatile and match everything. Especially if you want to kick it back with some dark aesthetic in the winter time, or even dress how you feel, black skinny jeans are the way to go.

For the top, you want to stick to something flowy with a comfortable enough fabric. This is going to allow you to feel comfortable and your skin to breathe without being self-conscious. This Fashionista did the perfect job, as she is rocking a black, knit top.

To keep yourself warm and comfortable in the cold, layering is the way to go. This Fashionista threw on a light, open cardigan to contrast the darkness of the rest of the outfit. On top to protect herself from the chance of rain, she threw on a lovely dusty rose parka.

The color tan is so versatile and matches virtually every outfit.To top off the outfit, she is rocking a pair of pretty perfect tan, suede ankle booties. I own a pair of tan, suede ankle booties myself and I am most definitely guilty of wearing them almost everyday (they practically live on my feet, #teamnoshame).

Lastly, to jazz things up, you want to accessorize. Accessories turn any basic outfit into something completely new and a tad more fancy. Statement pieces are always a go, so I would suggest having a couple statement pieces in your closet that you can simply throw on to jazz up any outfit. As shown by this Fashionista, she is rocking an edgy statement necklace.

I hope you all have a wonderful midterms week. Go forth and prosper, and I will see you next time!

One Simple Change: Do you plan on grabbing some breakfast with the ladies over the weekend? Since Sunday brunch and bottomless mimosas are never a question, change out that casual top for a lace or crocheted chiffon top and you are good to go!