March 8th, 2016 at 2:00am

Every good Elon University student knows that having class is not an excuse to wear sweats out of your dorm. Dressing up for class, or at least looking somewhat like a functioning member of society, is incredibly common on Elon University’s campus. It’s one of the things that I actually love about Elon University, and putting some effort into my outfit for class actually helps me focus more. This Fashionista must have had a similar thought when putting together this fun and quirky look together!

This Fashionista paired the perfect transition pieces to create an outfit that is warm enough for when you leave early on a March morning, but also when you get out of class in the afternoon. North Carolina has been especially fickle this winter, and I’m not expecting anything different as we head into spring. This Fashionista combined a printed dress with a thicker gray sweater and leather booties.

My favorite part of this look is the individual touches this Fashionista put into her look in the form of her accessories. Her bracelets matched the colors on her dress really well, and the gold heart necklace looks vintage. Finally, her striped socks don’t match the dress but give the outfit a lot more personality and show that this Fashionista isn’t afraid to take risks.

One Simple Change: Remove the sweater for a look perfect for weekend brunch with friends! By the time most students wake up for brunch, it is warm enough to go without the sweater. If it’s still a bit chilly, substitute the sweater for a jean jacket for a more brunch-appropriate look.