March 4th, 2016 at 2:10am

We can all relate to the feeling of Monday mornings, when wearing cozy sweatshirts to class sounds a lot more inviting than putting yourself together for the day. With the right outfit, a good attitude and a strong cup of coffee, however, I believe that anything is possible. Another thing I’ve come to realize is that I perform better when I look better, and I’m sure many students can relate. If you wear pajamas to an exam, your attitude will be worse and your focus will go down the drain. On the other hand, if you just spend an extra 20 minutes to do your hair or put on something nice, I guarantee your day will be brighter and more productive.

Dressing “cute” or “nice” doesn’t have to immediately correlate with “uncomfortable.” Soft knits and cottons will make three-hour lectures a lot more enjoyable than restricting denim or leather pieces. A nice go-to look for class is preppy. It’s extremely versatile, easy, fashionable and only requires a few basic pieces. To pull off the perfect classy and cozy look, start with a staple cotton button-down shirt in a striped or polka-dot pattern. Add a simple knit dress in a complementing color, and your favorite pair of sneakers or flats. For colder weather, try adding tights and a bulkier sweater dress. Last, but not least, accessorize. Not only are accessories essential for a preppy outfit, but they make a simple ensemble appear a lot dressier without too much hassle. Opt for a vintage necklace and brooch, grab your favorite book-bag and you’re set for a great day of class.

One Simple Change: To transform this look into something appropriate for brunch with your family, switch the dress for a nice cardigan or sweater. Then, wear it with a pair of ankle length pants.