February 25th, 2016 at 2:10am

It is all too easy to slip into sweats and a hoodie when going to class. A lot of students do not want to waste a good outfit on class when it could be saved for the weekend, but there are a lot of options that look adorable and are realistic for the classroom. The minimalist-chic look gives off a cool athletic vibe for a non-athletic Fashionista.

Sporty-chic outfits can be rocked in every season. When the sun is beaming you can add a pair of high-waisted shorts to a sporty look. For example, high-waisted shorts with a white sporty cropped tank and high top adidas can create a winning combination. Even in 30 degrees, sporty-chic can be accomplished with either jeans or a pair of simple gray fleece sweats. You can pair either of those bottoms with a plain T-shirt, a funky leather coat or fur jacket and some adidas or Nike Air Force 1 kicks.

For this specific look, stay true to the minimalistic style with neutral colors such as white, grey and black. The main focus should be the gym shoes in this case, the original adidas. This look proves that you didn’t only buy your fab gym shoes for the gym.

The sporty-chic look gives off the cool girl vibe with little effort. Most importantly, your feet will stay comfy while walking from class to class. Kanye West has been important in the athletic shoe movement, especially in the high fashion world.

This Fashionista can wear this look to class, lunch with friends or even a quick stop at the gym! The outfit looks put together and fashionable. And, of course, adidas are just one option for a cool gym shoe. Some other options include Nike Air Force 1 shoes or a pair from Reebok. Remember to keep the gym shoe a solid color.

One Simple Change: To make this look go from class to a night out, throw on a statement necklace to add a little glitz to this look making the focus go from your shoes to your neck and face.