March 2nd, 2016 at 2:00am

At the Fashion Institute of Technology, dressing fashionable for class is very important to  students. Now that it is winter and the bitter New York weather has hit, it is somewhat of a challenge to find a cute, comfortable and warm outfit to wear to that 8:00 a.m. class. The best way to accomplish the challenge of sporting a fashionable ensemble is to layer. Dressing for class I usually want to look casual yet sophisticated. Layering is especially important for class because even though it may be freezing outside, the heat is usually on in our classrooms. Layering can be done by purchasing a few key items for your wardrobe that can be paired with multiple basic pieces.

The easiest item to layer is a neutral colored peacoat. Peacoat’s are trendy, keep you warm and can be paired with pretty much any outfit. Another item that is easy to layer is a chunky sweater or cardigan. Classes at FIT can last over three hours, so a sweater is the perfect item to wear. A cable knit sweater is comfortable and it embraces a casual-chic look. This Fashionista is on her way to class wearing an oversized gray peacoat that she can keep on for the walk to class and then take off while inside. She has layered with a dark gray chunky sweater from American Apparel. She is wearing cuffed, black, ankle pants from Urban Outfitters with the original Stan Smith sneakers. To add a pop of color to her outfit, this Fashionista wore colorful, stone rings. She has topped off this look with an adorable pair of  round frame glasses which make her look like she is ready to do all of her classwork!

One Simple Change: After class, this Fashionista may want to go to brunch. For brunch, this Fashionista may want to be a little less casual than she was for class. In order to do so, she can switch out her sneakers for a pair of booties and switch out her eyeglasses for a funky pair of sunglasses.