Going to school in New York City means that the city is your campus. Washington Square Park is the closest a New York University student gets to the green grass of the quad of University of Maryland. That also means that going to class isn’t just going to class, you are walking the streets of New York City and if you want to own them, you’ve got to own your outfit.

With the weather changing every hour this winter, layers are essential to one’s outfit. This simple cropped white tank top and ripped jeans can be worn in class and you can throw on a bomber jacket and beanie, like so, to layer up before walking outside again. The whole look gives off a tom boy vibe, kind of like you stole your guy’s clothes, especially with the boyfriend jeans, wife beater and varsity jacket. The booties contrast the tomboy look up top to give the outfit an edgy, but feminine vibe. And as I said in my last post, girls wear everything better anyway.

I’m also not a fan of carrying my books even though some might say that backpacks should have been outgrown by now. Find an edgy leather backpack to carry to class rather than breaking your shoulder with a tote. The backpack fulfills its purpose and completes any look.

One Simple Change: Switch out the backpack for a cute black clutch on your way out for a post-class dinner. This look can easily be transformed from a day outfit to night outfit, especially by wearing it with heeled booties and a clutch.