February 26th, 2016 at 2:00am

In the lull of the cold weather, it is so hard to find the motivation to get dressed some mornings for class. More times than not, all we want to do is just throw on a pair of college sweatpants and a plain white T-shirt so that we have an extra ten minutes to sleep in for those 8:00 a.m. classes. But we must get out of this funk! Dressing confidently for classes results in feeling good all day. This Fashionista chose to dress warmly while still incorporating a pop of color within her look.

In this weather, wearing a winter jacket is always an essential fashion staple for those chilly walks to class and perfect to adding the finishing touch to an outfit. Cowl neck sweaters are great for this time of year for not only keeping you bundled and cozy, but also providing a great fashion statement because of its effortless drapery. The colored denim-like pants present a bold aspect to this look because they stray away from the typical dark and stone washes that winter calls upon and instead brings out a pop of color that is optimistic for warm weather cheerfulness. Additionally, the sunglasses are a great accessory for completing the look and protecting your eyes from the harsh sun.

One simple change: If you are all done with classes that morning and want to head out to brunch, opt the black sweater out for a lighter color such as an off-white shirt or sweater. This would make the outfit appear more light-hearted for that morning croissant and tea.