February 24th, 2016 at 2:00am

As the winter weather really starts to kick in, walking to class becomes even less of a joy than it already was. Snow and wind chill are definitely not ideal to start off your day as you pray your coffee isn’t too cold by the time you make it to class. But this Fashionista perfectly executed a stylish look that is trendy and convenient for the cold weather. She was seen rocking a turtleneck underneath a fur vest for optimal warmth when a cold breeze comes by. Paired with black skinnies and black booties, she looks effortlessly chic. Her super unique Jeffrey Campbell booties are a great attention-grabbing piece. With the neutrals of her whole outfit, they look super classy and amazing.

To tie the whole outfit together, this Fashionista added some chunky gold jewelry. Her gold watch and earrings go cohesively together and stand out against the neutrals of her outfit. Also, she wore some great circle glasses. Not only do they make her look studious and ready for class, but they go so well with the shape of her face, as if they were made for her. They look super cute and can cover up those dark circles under your eyes from staying up all night studying. We all know it’s a bad habit, but we all do it anyways. The glasses are a win/win.

One Simple Change: Want to be able to bring this look with you into the spring once it gets warmer out? Instead of a turtleneck, wear a lightweight, long sleeve T-shirt under the vest and roll up the sleeves. Change up the black denim into a pair of light wash, super distressed jeans to give the outfit an edgy look. Cuff the denim instead of tucking it into the booties.