Early morning class calls for casual, yet trendy fashion inspiration. What better way to show off your inner Britney and Justin with some serious ’90s style nostalgia? As with all things fashion, this once style faux pas has evolved into an everyday must-have. An all denim outfit is one of my favourite recycled looks.

My favourite things about double denim are the endless combinations and options for both men and women. Denim shirts and jackets go really well with skinny jeans, denim shorts and even denim skirts. Try an oversized shirt or layer a denim vest with a chambray dress. The look is entirely up to you. For many women, this means pairing dark denim jeans with a lighter denim top, as worn by this CollegeFashionista.

There are also other ways to rock this look. Before delving into shades of double blue, start by pairing different shades of denim together, or black jeans and a chambray shirt. It’s almost impossible to go wrong this way. Once you are an all-denim expert, step outside of the box. If you are daring enough, try the same shade of denim for both top and bottom. Many say this is a denim don’t but I say what the heck, go for it!

For the more fashion adventurous and brave souls out there, try triple denim. Yes, triple denim! Pair a denim jacket over a longer chambray button-up. This will allow your shirt underneath to come through separating the two denim layers. Finish your outfit with a different shaded or black denim jeans.

Check out this Fashionista, rocking head-to-toe denim. In this outfit, this Fashionista paired a lightweight, chambray shirt with a pair of dark denim jeans. The open button look gives the outfit a relaxed feel, but with the added touch of silver accessories, the outfit screams classy!

One Simple Change: Want to create your very own unique, denim look? Add a splash of fun to your wardrobe by trying a DIY tie-dye denim shirt. Easy to do and completely unique, you will be the most fashion-forward student strutting through campus.