As February approaches, students at Montclair State University are settling in for a long winter in the snowy mountains. We have accepted the fact that we will be wearing parkas and two pairs of leggings for at least the next two months. As the snow piles up, campus Fashionistas must find a way to balance fashion with functionality in order to survive the sub-zero wind chills.

In the warmer months, school apparel is a staple in every student’s wardrobe. This Fashionista has discovered a way to remain spirited and stylish while still bundling up to walk to class. She pairs a long sleeve Montclair State University T-shirt with a cozy animal printed down vest lined with faux fur. To accessorize and add warmth she pairs the vest with a woven infinity scarf.

If simple leggings are just not hardy enough for your college’s climate, try a pair of fleece-lined ones for extra warmth like this Fashionista did. What could be more comfortable than that? And, they still look cute. Leggings are versatile and work with so many different outfits, so adding a warmer pair to your winter wardrobe is a great investment.

The last element to this look is the boots. Knee-high black leather boots are durable and chic for the winter months. To add an extra layer, this Fashionista pairs the boots with gray knitted leg warmers. Leg warmers and knee-high socks are a great way to subtly add another layer for warmth.

Winter fashion can be tricky, but don’t give in to bulky jackets and sweatpants. Keep your look polished by adding subtle layers and using winter accessories such as scarves and leg warmers, like this Fashionista did.

One Simple Change: To effortlessly transform this look into something more sophisticated, switch out the vest and school T-shirt for a peacoat. A peacoat with knee-high boots is the perfect comfy and cute look for a casual girls’ night!