During the winter months, it is always hard to stay warm but also stylish. While juggling class, internships and extracurriculars, it is sometimes easy to throw on a sweatshirt and forget about being fashionable everyday. With this outfit pictured, it shows how easy it is to look fashionable and causal for

This Fashionista successfully pulls together a perfect outfit to wear to class, which can be worn all day and into the night, letting her accomplish everything on her to-do list. This Fashionista’s outfit has many statement pieces in it, but it all combines to make a classic go-to outfit!

Her leather leggings are a staple for every Fashionista’s closet right now. These leggings are a great buy from ASOS, making sure to add a little something to every outfit. This Fashionista pairs her leather leggings with a classic flannel and white tank. Not only are her pants and top a great combination, but paired with her grey suede Prada sneakers, this Fashionista makes sure to look cool for class. One staple for every Fashionista’s closest is a winter coat. This grey winter coat is a great investment from Vince, making sure to last in this Fashionista’s closet for many years to come. Finally, this Fashionista’s sunglasses and bag are great statement pieces that can be easily incorporated into any outfit.

One Simple Change: Finished with your classes and want to head out to explore D.C.? Switch this coat with a puffer, to make sure it keeps you warmer while you are out and about.