February 12th, 2016 at 2:00am

Picking out an outfit to wear has never been easy, but it is even harder when class starts in 30 minutes. It’s definitely more difficult when simply throwing on random articles of clothing is not an option, because you never know who you can run into on a day full of classes. However, looking too dressed up for class is no bueno either.

This Fashionista is a prime example of how to look effortlessly amazing for school. She simply threw on a pair of black skinny jeans from Zara. The symmetrical holes near her knee caps add an extra touch to her bottoms. Her peacoat tidies up her whole look, giving off a mature vibe. The funnel neck collar is unique, because it can be worn up or down. It is perfect for those who get off school after sunset and the air is chilly. On her feet are Steve Madden suede black booties. Low booties are ideal for trudging through campus while still giving you that extra oomph of confidence. On a closer look, the details on the side incorporate a feminine and playful element.

Although she is adorned in black from head to toe, she chose to pick a brighter color for her bag. The kate spade bag steals the spotlight among the darker shades and it is big enough to carry her school supplies. Her overall outfit is simple but the perks and details on each item showcases her fashion forwardness. If the Fashionista was aiming to dress to impress, then she succeeded!

One Simple Change: Loving this look and craving some pancakes and toast for brunch? Swap out the chunky bag for a mini shoulder bag to lessen the burden. After all, you’ll also be carrying your food baby!