College classes can be long. The temperature between the classrooms can range from, “this is the best room temperature to fall asleep in,” to “where is this chill coming from?” And even when the student is well-dressed for the unexpected temperature in the classroom, the weather outside does not cooperate with the outfit. So, does college fashion really exist? How can someone find the balance between using one’s outfit to express herself while looking appropriate for the weather?

This Fashionista tackles this challenge really well. Keeping easy layer pieces in your wardrobe is helpful when you realize you pressed the snooze button way past your alarm clock and you are running around the room with only 10 minutes to get ready. The blue embroidered peasant top is comfortable and easy to layer on a top coat. Depending on the classroom, she can take off her coat and still be able to stay warm with the quarter sleeve top or keep the coat on to prevent goosebumps. She completed her outfit with a classic light wash denim and well-worn Converse. Oh, and did I almost forget to mention her detailed backpack? Accessories are the easiest way to spice up any outfit. The subtle design of the black reptile pattern is the perfect touch to her casual and comfy look.

And if you do not like to drink caffeine to stay awake in class, running to your closest smoothie shop can provide you with your daily nutrients and keep you hydrated throughout the day (I personally like to order the strawberry banana smoothie).

One Simple Change: If your school is in a colder location, switch the white peasant top for a gray marled turtleneck sweater. This combination between the sweater and the coat is trendy and warm. Do not let the weather stop you from looking good. A nice outfit can bring confidence and make your day brighter.