Every college student knows that feeling when your alarm didn’t go off and you accidentally overslept. Then, you’re suddenly stuck with only ten minutes to get dressed and rush off to class!

This Fashionista is a professional at forgetting to set her alarm and usually can get ready in fifteen minutes or less. Luckily, she allowed me to take photos of one of her easy go-to outfits for when she is running late, which is always!

This Fashionista shows that simplicity is the best move when you’re in a hurry. She swears by leggings as an essential for the ‘in a rush’ wardrobe simply because comfort is the most important when you need to sit through a two hour lecture without a sip of coffee.

As we all know, when we oversleep we usually do not have time to perfect our faces with the right amount of mascara, concealer or a killer contour. This Fashionista explains that dark sunglasses are a quick fix to this dilemma. She even packs her concealer and mascara in her bag so that she can do it in the bathroom once she gets to her lecture hall.

To add an interesting focal point in her outfit, this Fashionista uses her huge selection of graphic scarves. With the frigid Penn State weather, it is important to bundle up in layers. This Fashionista said she loves wearing chunky sweaters with a military-style jacket over it. She also always wears her gold initial necklace; a classic everyday piece. When in doubt, always have go-to accessories that will work with any look.

College can get a little crazy when we are all trying to get good grades, enough sleep and maintain an active social life. Therefore, we will frequently find ourselves rushing and running around like chickens without heads. If you keep a few easy backup outfits in your mind, will learn that there is always enough time to accomplish a nice look that does not involve the sweatpants you slept in.

One Simple Change: Just got done with class and need to make time for the gym? Ditch the sweater, scarf and jacket. Keep a pair of sneakers and a gym top in your bag. Finish off the look with a cool headband and water bottle.