February 11th, 2016 at 2:00am

Now that classes are back in full swing and the projects are piling up it there is hardly time to get lunch, let alone pick out an outfit for class. This Fashionista’s outfit could have you out the door in five minutes or less.

This knit shift dress is the perfect go to when you want to look nice but have no time. The printed leggings automatically make the outfit more interesting and fun. Since you are wearing a dress in the winter, you will want to ensure you stay warm and a pair off tall riding boots always does the trick! No one likes to wear anything that makes them uncomfortable, especially when they are running from class to study group to hall meeting. With this outfit you will look completely put together, just like this Fashionista, when in reality you are just wearing leggings and an oversized, long sleeve shirt!

This Fashionista added a cute lace headband to ensure that she would look cute from head to toe. A warmer alternative to this would be a cute beanie. A popular trend is beanies with rhinestone detailing so you can be warm and fashionable! This Fashionista also chose to finish off the look with a charming necklace. To warm up this outfit add a scarf instead.

One Simple Change: Since you are rushing around all day there is no time to change your whole outfit. Before you head out on a girl’s night out, swap out the tall riding boots for short boots with a heel. This will make the outfit look sleeker and a little more dressy.