February 9th, 2016 at 2:00am

So many students drag themselves to class after a long night out. Therefore, looking stylish and cute can be difficult. For myself and hopefully others, looking remotely socially acceptable after a night out can be difficult. But a true Fashionista knows how to look cute and put together no matter how sickly or regretful she may feel. For this Fashionista, looking stylish for class is second nature.

Leggings are a go-to because of the comfort as well as the versatility. These adidas leggings are equally comfortable and stylish. Lately, adidas has really made a comeback with popularity. Focusing more on being hipster-chic than strictly athletic, they’re becoming a real fashionable label. Sticking with the casual-yet-cute theme, a plain, long sleeve top goes well with this ensemble. A black, long sleeve top can easily be dressed up and used for layering. A neutral colored bubble vest ties the outfit together and helps block the cold winds you’ll likely experience while walking to class.

This Fashionista’s shoes were a key component in this stylish look. Her adidas tennis shoes paired with the leggings perfectly, making the whole bottom half flow together.  In order to stick with the casual-stylish theme, it’s important to accessorize. Layered necklaces, bangles and rings are all key components of her ensemble. A cute choker necklace can add some edge to the outfit and complement the colors.

This outfit is super easy to rock and stay comfortable in. The adidas leggings and shoes combined with the choker and other jewelry balance the look to just the right amount of edgy and fun. The vest and long sleeve top made the other components stand out. This outfit requires just about as much effort as a sweatshirt and sweatpants and does not scream “I feel like death,and my life is falling apart.”

Ditch the bum look and upgrade to edge. Impress your classmates and trick peers into thinking you have more than enough time in the morning to get ready. I say “trick” because we all know you hit snooze eight times.

One Simple Change: Rock this outfit for casual summer days. Eliminate the vest and beanie, and use a short-sleeve shirt instead of the long-sleeve. Keep the same leggings, shoes, accessories and color theme for a weather appropriate modification. This look would be perfect for a day grabbing lunch, meeting up with friends or shopping.