Some may know what I’m saying when I say there can be a lazy college girl uniform: the oversized T-shirts, Nike shorts, leggings, white Converse, colorful running shoes or even a flannel when it gets a little chilly outside. All of these and more are a part of the college girl wardrobe. During freshman year, this is what everyone seemed to be wearing to class. We weren’t really as concerned about being the best Fashionista when it came to our 200 person lectures. The cute clothes were for downtown and other events and spared for class. As much as it pains me to say it, being a junior and deep into my major, the class size shrinks. Walking into your 20 person class with a professor you might eventually want to write you a recommendation, dressing a little nicer seems like the better idea.

This Fashionista has made that conclusion, too. She has gone away from those days of looking like she just rolled out of bed to putting together a casual yet respectable look for class. First off, she got rid of legging and running shorts or any bottom that made her look like she was about to head to the gym. She slipped on a solid pair of jeans. She tucked them into some amazing Frye boots. She styles a purple long sleeve shirt with fun buttons from half way up. She accessorized with some great everyday silver jewelry, rocking a necklace and some rings. Of course my favorite is the Texas one! But I’m a little biased.

So the time has comes for us upperclassman to look presentable for class now. So join us and forget about those leggings and oversized T-shirts…at least for your small classes.

One Simple Change: For us Southerners, winter has yet to be too bad but when it does, just throw on a jacket on top of your already great look to keep you warm.