When it gets to be early March and the bitter cold of winter still lingers and all anyone wants to do is be able to lay out on the quad and wear sundresses again, a pop of color is absolutely necessary. This fact is never the more true than on a day like this, when the sun is bright and shining and if you didn’t step outside, you’d think it was a balmy 70 degrees, when in reality it’s forty at best. So, what’s a Fashionista to do? Color.

That’s my number one suggestion; brighten up your day-to-day wardrobe with a bright flat, a bold lip, or in this case, a beautiful monogrammed red tote.

This Fashionista kept things simple on her way to a 9:00 a.m. class. The perfect pair of jeans that you won’t want to rip off of your body the second you make it back to your dorm room are a necessity in college. It is literally the only way to defer us from wearing our leggings every single day of the week. Pairing it with a deep purple top is the perfect color combination with the red color of her bag. Some classic aviators, fun jewelry and some cool ankle boots tie this look together in a way that doesn’t look too overdone, but still shows off her personal style.

One Simple Change: This look can easily make the transition from class during the day to a fun dinner or Happy Hour with friends at night. Just swap out the boots for a pair of cute flats, or even some fun heels. Throw on a red lip and you’re good to go!