February 4th, 2016 at 2:00am

Hello my beautiful Fashionistas/os! Welcome back to campus! I have already started classes, and I am going to be honest I was not looking forward to it at all. I was enjoying staying home not having to worry about stressful essays and challenging tests, but here we are, starting a new semester. On the bright side, I missed my friends very much and I was extremely excited to see them.

On my very first day of class I spotted a Fashionista wearing the perfect outfit for a day of classes. You know those days where it is very cold outside but you still want to look cute but like, casual-cute? Yeah, this Fashionista knows what’s up! It keeps getting harder and harder now to wear a nice outfit to class. It is too cold and all you want to wear is an old pair of sweatpants and your favorite school sweater. But dressing up to class is a good way to boost your self esteem and feel great throughout the day.

The main piece that I liked about this Fashionista’s look was her cowl-neck dress. We usually don’t see a lot of girls out there wearing dresses during winter, but this dress is perfect for the season and it will add an extra touch of femininity to your look. Flat booties are a great piece for this winter, especially for walking around campus. We all know that walking from class to class is not easy, so a cute pair of boots are a must when in college. Another piece that I like in her outfit is her beanie, which is another must-have this winter.

One Simple Change: This outfit could also be perfect to go out for brunch with your girlfriends. Something I would add would be a few more accessories, like a long necklace and a small purse, making the look a bit more dressy while keeping it relaxed.