February 3rd, 2016 at 2:00am

Classes are starting and you know what that means, it’s that feeling we dread all of break. It means getting up early and putting on the first thing we see, or for some of us, that means staying in our pajamas and rolling into class. First impressions are everything when it comes to school. Want to make a good impression, but stay cozy at the same time? This Fashionista has just the solution. Her outfit is the perfect way to stay cozy, while sporting a presentable and fashionable look. Because being fashionable does not always mean being uncomfortable.

Denim jackets have come a long way and have become the staple piece in everyone’s closet. It is best to pair your denim jacket with a solid color, focusing the attention on the jacket itself. This Fashionista’s jacket is attached to a gray cotton vest which is a great way to stay warm in that cold winter class, which never has heating. The two pieces come apart making it easy to switch between them. Black leggings are the new blue jeans, because they are a great way to stay comfortable in your three hour lectures. Solid leggings are another staple piece to own. Solid leggings will go great with any outfit, whether that be a T-shirt or a cozy sweater. To top it all off, this Fashionista is wearing Nike Free Runs. Simple sneakers are a trend in the making and can be seen in a lot of current magazines and runways. Not only are they a great way to motivate you to exercise, but they are also great for walking long distances in between classes.

One Simple Change: In the mood to catch up with your friends after class and grab something to eat? Simply switch out your sneakers with a pair of black flats. This gives your look a more mature vibe.