January 29th, 2016 at 2:00am

One common factor between all of us Style Gurus is that we all have to attend class! At my school, the University of Missouri (Mizzou), attending class is a casual occasion. We all tend to put comfort before style, but this Fashionista proves that you can have both! No one wants to have to sit through classes all day feeling uncomfortable in what they’re wearing. This Fashionista represents a very attainable balance for students wanting to dress comfortably and with style.

One brand that can be found widely on Mizzou’s campus is Southern Shirt Company. Their Sherpa pullovers are insanely comfortable and warm for those freezing walks to early morning classes. This Fashionista is rocking one of these pullovers with the cotton Southern Shirt logo. Keeping with the theme of comfort she paired her pullover with some black leggings and boots. Leggings are definitely a must-have in any college girl’s wardrobe. I see them all over my campus every day, and I love wearing mine to class. I think that you can wear them casually, as this Fashionista is doing, but you can also dress them up for other occasions. For this look for class, these leggings are perfect. She also emphasizes her boots with some gray boot socks for some extra warmth.

My favorite part of this look is the red coat! One of my favorite trends that I’ve seen this winter is the statement coat. A bold-colored coat can create a look that will really stand out in the crowds around campus. I recently bought a bright yellow coat myself, and it has definitely been a great piece for the fall and winter seasons! During the winter though, sometimes those statement coats just aren’t warm enough to wear in the cold. This Fashionista had a great solution to this problem by wearing an especially warm pullover under the coat. That way, she was able to incorporate a balance between comfort and style.

One Simple Change: By changing the top of this look from a pullover to a nicer blouse, you will have the perfect look for going out to brunch with family or friends. Adding a statement necklace with it can help to dress up the look even more!