Well, it is that time again. Where college students alike return to campus for spring semester from winter break. It is a sad day when I have to leave my comfy bed to go to class, but alas it must be done!

Sometimes it can be a struggle to figure out what to wear when you are getting ready for class. Do you wear something comfy or more chic to show off some of your new gifts from the holidays? What about something functional to go to class in and hit the gym afterword? The stress of it all can be difficult to handle I know, especially here in good ol’ Delaware because the weather has no idea what it is doing. Some days it’s 55 degrees and the next it’s 28.

This Fashionista has it figured out! She found a perfect balance for her schedule and the weather. This collegiate soccer player balances classes and working out every other day (you go girl!), so she plans her outfits according to the her schedule. Morning classes are often followed by a gym session so she picked the perfect outfit to stay comfortable while going to class but immediately ready to kick butt at the school gym.

Brooks running shoes and Victoria’s Secret PINK leggings are essential for her workout, but she perfectly adds a chic cowl neck shirt from Reebok to make her outfit more put together. This chilly weather calls for layering pieces so her Calvin Klein vest pulls together this class-to-gym outfit. Her outfit is both functional and trendy, both cowl neck shirts and vests have blown up this fall/winter and are both perfect for the beginning of spring. Her Lokai bracelet and Apple watch accessories are subtle but add a cool-chic vibe. The Michael Kors cross-body bag can hold some her school essentials like a planner and pens, and things like hair ties when she is ready for her work out. This Fashionista is ready to kick butt in class and the gym in style!

One Simple Change: Just finished morning classes and want to go out to brunch with some of your besties? Switch into a warm pair of riding boots such as these, for a more effortless and structured look.