January 18th, 2016 at 2:00am

This past fall season has been extremely mild and most would agree, fairly perfect weather as well. The transition from fall to winter is often very difficult with not only adjusting to the weather but also your look. Chunky sweaters and layering aren’t as easy to accommodate in the cold winter months and your personal style may be harder to express under a huge parka and snow boots. However, this winter has begun on a high note with perfect conditions. Walking to class and downtown, it’s refreshing to see others dressed in their own personal style, with hints of warm jackets and oversized scarves. This is why I chose today’s Fashionista. She remains chic in her all black look while maintaining an effortless style as well.

Her look is made up of simple black pieces with handmade jewelry from Virgin Saints & Angels. The hints of earthy jewels and layered necklaces give her a subtle tone to a darker edgy look. Her sweater and leggings from Free People continue to tie together her outfit without overdoing this simple look to class. Her black crossed bralette from PacSun adds a daring under layer accessory to accentuate her mixed pieces of jewelry as well. The transitioning weather can be a challenge when pulling together a look, but with her Gucci sunglasses blocking out the rays, she is ready for anything and looks stylish in the process. Finally, her look is complete with laced up knee-high black Jeffrey Campbell for Free People boots. With this outfit and effortless feel, this Fashionista will be ready for the changing winter weather this semester to come!

One Simple Change: If you want to add a pop of color to drown out the overbearing winter months to come, try adding a high-waisted bell bottom denim, paired with a cute sandal or wedge. Also, try adding a daring print if you don’t prefer denim.