January 25th, 2016 at 2:00am

It’s no secret that winters in Minnesota can be brutal, and while the weather has been pretty mild so far, winter is making up for lost time as of late. Not to worry, our local Fashionista knows how to look chic for class while staying cozy and warm!

Who says you can’t dress up for class anyway? This Fashionista has paired comfy joggers on bottom with a put together layered look on top. Joggers are basically the chic version of sweatpants, and provide a thick layer of protection from the elements—you could even add a secret pair of leggings underneath for extra warmth.

Layering a men’s button-up underneath a cropped sweater is another great way to stay warm but maintain a clean and put together look. The wool coat is an obvious statement piece that everyone who lives in a colder climate should own; your coat is most likely going cover up all of your hard work so make sure it only adds more chicness to the look!

Beanies and shades are a necessity during the snowy season. Beanies keep your ears warm while shades protect you from the sun’s reflection off the snow, and from making eye contact with the guy from down the hall. Optional: the high heeled Timberland boots are a fun and fashionable play on the classically warm boot.

One Simple Change: To take this outfit from a casual class look to a work or internship look, switch out the joggers for a pair of cigarette pants and ditch the beanie once you reach your desk. Cigarette pants are clean, tailored and will switch up the look so you can look totally work appropriate for your meetings!