January 14th, 2016 at 2:00am

As the first semester of classes is upon us, the windy winter weather decides to greet us as well. The week of new classes is in full swing, and this Fashionista is showing all of us how to dress comfortable, warm and, most importantly, stylish. At Central Michigan, the weather can be pretty unpredictable so dressing in layers is a very smart thing to do. Putting on a couple of layers beneath a jacket and adding things like a scarf and boots with fur are all terrific options. That way, you can take off a few layers when in class but immediately put them back on before facing the winter wonderland outside. This fellow Fashionista is wearing a thrifted button-down peacoat and some light blue jeggings from Hollister Co.

To accessorize this simple look, she has paired a fluffy white scarf with her furry winter boots that she received as a Christmas gift. Finishing off the outfit, her large tortoise shell nerd glasses give off the vibe of a girl who is ready to take down her new schedule and conquer the books. My personal favorite part of the look are these glasses! She is also wearing a cute black and white polka-dot backpack that matches her outfit perfectly. I can only wonder if she chose to wear the backpack specifically because it matches her outfit. This outfit is absolutely perfect for going to and from class. It is casual yet dressy and appears to be very warm and comfortable. Comfy, cute, casual and warm?! What more could you ask for in an outfit? School work can be hard but this Fashionista knows how to make it look easy.

One Simple Change: When the school day is over and you’re ready to go out to a more formal event with friends, ditch the boots and backpack for a cute pair of heels and matching clutch!