WHAT TO WEAR: Celebration

Between snagging an end piece of cake with the most icing and dodging friends’ parents with the dreaded, “What are your plans next year?” your outfit should be the least of your struggles. Graduation is an exciting time to celebrate and reflect on all of your accomplishments from the past four years. Whether you’re the graduate at praise or a supporting friend or family member, every Fashionista/o should strive to nail their outfit for the night! When dressing for such a party, always make sure that your look reflects your personality.

The sea of repeated prints caught my eye when this Fashionista passed by. The vertical stretch of the patterns elongates her shorter stature. Maxi dresses are a crucial part of any Fashionista’s summer wardrobe, as they’re effortless while still looking formal. Adding a pop of color with a sea foam clutch accents the outfit well. A clutch is perfect for graduation parties since it’s just big enough to hold essentials. With a loud printed dress, much jewelry wasn’t needed. A simple necklace, that she wears everyday she explained, was just enough to complement the dress without taking away from it. An easy braid took her hair off her shoulders and emphasized the print even more. This hairstyle also mixed in with the effortless look projected by the overall appearance.

A diploma won’t be the only thing at praise at the party. Putting together an ensemble that reflects your personal style is key. While keeping the vital aspect of comfort in mind when dressing, if combined, an undemanding outfit will be the talk of the tables under the night lights when celebrating your achievements with friends and family.

One Simple Change: Take this outfit from celebration to a night out. The look can easily go from day to night with a pair of wedges substituted for sandals and a bold colored lip!