WHAT TO WEAR: Celebration

One of your best friends in college is having her birthday party. Naturally you don’t want to outshine the birthday girl, but you still want to look chic. However, you should remember that a birthday celebration is not only about the birthday girl, but it’s also about you meeting new people! Here’s a few tricks for a foolproof look.

This Fashionista’s outfit for a birthday party is just perfect. She chooses black and red, a classic color pairing for a semi-formal event. The hard part is not dressing in two colors, but mixing them properly into your own style. A black top keeps your look low-key but classy. Black complements many colors and can be tucked in to outline the body. A high-quality tartan skirt that just covers your knees adds a sense of cuteness and a personal touch to the outfit. It’s an old style, but combined with her pair of leather red oxfords, the look is modern. Since the heel is not too high, it’s easier to walk around in at the party and not be bothered by pain.

Once you set the basic tone of your outfit, it’s time for the accessories. Gold matches perfectly with fiery red since it indicates your hospitality and enthusiasm. A bold, shining necklace makes you stand out in the crowd. Since the top is pure black, you can choose any color necklace. But don’t forget about your nails! They may be hard to notice, but they add a flair to your whole outfit. She chooses a rosy red to add depth to her outfit.

One Simple Change: The celebration is getting a little bit crazy, and everyone is ready to dance. Change into a comfortable skirt that gives you space to move around in. This will also be perfect for a girl’s night out that will likely follow.