WHAT TO WEAR: Casually Slaying

The east coast has experienced some major weather shifts. One day it’ll be 50 degrees and sunny and the next it’ll be 32 degrees and raining. With these fluctuating weather patterns, how can the average Fashionista prepare to slay her day no matter what the weather? Here we have a Fashionista whose outfit is not only chic and casual but perfect for this strange winter weather.

Here you can see this Fashionista is rocking a thick oversize denim jacket. What I love about denim jackets is how easy they are to style and how dynamic it can make an outfit! Denim jackets are the easiest way to add some texture to a basic outfit. Anyone can pair a denim jack with a cute dress, colored skinny jeans, boots, and even flashy sneakers. In her ensemble, she took a more chic route. I loved how she paired the denim with this sleek pair of harem pants. Harem pants come in a variety of textures which can make them great for any season! A huge fashion trend right now is turtleneck sweaters. Turtleneck sweaters are warm and can definitely replace the need to wear a scarf. Turtle neck sweaters help to make a sleek and casual outfit. Finally, those boots were definitely made for walking! She completed this sleek and simple look with these basic, black, block heeled boots. Block heeled boots have been trending since 2016. I don’t see the fad fading anytime soon. Block heel boots are extremely comfortable and add dimension to any outfit; whilst making you feel confident as you strut to class.

Lastly, what I love most about this outfit is how many different occasions you can wear this to! You can wear this to class, dinner, and even lounge around at your local bar in this outfit. The possibilities are endless. So if the weather is funky and you have no idea what to wear, whip out a comfy denim jacket and then layer it with a solid color palette and you are good to go!