WHAT TO WEAR: Career Fair

Have you ever not known what to wear to a job interview or a career fair? Or do you own a plethora of dresses, but you’re not sure which one is versatile enough to be worn professionally? As a sophomore in college, I can totally relate to these sticky situations. At times it’s hard to find an outfit that will allow you to stand out from the crowd of black and gray dress suits while also retaining a professional appearance. An interview doesn’t have to be a fashion show, but every Fashionista should still want to show off her own personal style.

This Fashionista’s pale pink, shift dress allows her to do just that. Shift dresses are staples in my closet for the sole fact that they complement most body types. They are extremely versatile pieces and hug the body’s curves without being too revealing. The teardrop earrings in this look are absolutely to die for; their bright blue color clashes with the pink color of the dress in a way that leaves me yearning for spring pastels. Meanwhile pulling her hair back out of her face gives this Fashionista a fresh appearance, and allows her interviewers to focus on what she has to say. Lastly, the cross-body bag is the perfect size for an interview; it’s big enough to carry a Fashionista’s most essential items and small enough to be worn without hassle.

One Simple Change: For an even more professional look, add a blazer and pearl earrings. The blazer will polish out the look and cinch the waist while the pearl earrings will keep things classically simple.